Alberta Provincial Election

Did You Vote? – Alberta Provincial Election 2015

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Alberta Provincial Election 2015

Alberta Provincial ElectionAlberta went to the polls today to vote for which politcal party will be in power of our province. I wouldn’t say I am a highly political person to begin with, however I do have a solid understanding of how these elections affect me and the direct economy I live in. Yes, a huge defecit affects me, yes the oil and gas industry directly affect my family in this province, yes  cutting education funds (or increasing the budget) has a direct impact on my young school aged children. Health care. Foreign Workers. I could go on and on and on… But why?

I do know that the right to vote is something that should not be taken for granted. Since the day I could vote, I have always participated in each eligible election possible. Municipal, Provincial Federal… I’m voting. Even though some may think that one vote really does not make an impact… that is your voice. The choices when it comes to voting are pretty limited to begin with, so I get it. But, life is full of tough decisions and each action has a reaction. Good or Bad.

Did I make the right choice? Who knows… 

When I learned that Alberta has NEVER had a minority government I was shocked. Or that the fact that the PC Party has been reining for 44 years! WHAT!? This is the longest unbroken run in government at the provincial level in Canadian history. Regardless of tonights outome, it is always exciting to see some diversity and new ideas from the government running our Province! And I am hoping to see a record high percentage of voters at our polls! Hope you had fun sifting through all the biased information online!

Great Article from Medicine Hat News regarding Voting:

Alberta Provincial Election, Medicine Hat News

Voting matters. It’s your right, and the right thing to do

“Sorry, but the overwrought cynicism and pessimism is just downright predictable, lazy and boring.

If you don’t think voting matters, have a chat with people around the world who are currently fighting and dying for this right. Sit down with refugees and immigrants who have come to Canada from countries where this basic right is non-existent, or an outright sham.”


THE RESULTS ARE COMING IN! If you’re looking fr me, I’ll be on TWITTER @danielljay

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