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How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Posted on 07-03-2019 , by: Roxane Sargeant , in , 0 Comments

LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked social media platforms out there. While typically used by corporate level professionals, the atmosphere is changing quickly. Even three short years ago you didn’t see a ton of freelancers, or small business owners utilizing this powerful tool, however, now LinkedIn is a place for business owners of all sizes and even solopreneurs to network and effectively drive solid business leads.

Creating a marketing strategy for LinkedIn that drives results is the first step to growing your business, and it starts with your profile. To many, a LinkedIn profile looks like something you can just plug information into but there is much more to it than that. Your profile is your first impression, so you’ll want to make a good one but also stand out from others in similar industries or businesses.

To create a killer LinkedIn profile, these are the steps you need to take.


1. Write an eye-catching headline

Your headline is what people see listed under your name. Sure you could fill it in with your generic job title, but that’s what everyone does! Use this space to stand out from others with similar experience or the same job title by sprucing things up. You want people to read the headline and think “hey, I need to learn more about this person”.


2. Fill in your summary and make it exciting!

The summary is one of the most common things people skip over when setting up a LinkedIn profile that will drive results, but it is definitely necessary. When writing your summary think of ways to explain your experience in a welcoming and exciting way. You can also let your personality show here based on your writing style. Including keywords will help you reach more people on LinkedIn too. If someone is looking for an professional with  your specific skill set and experience, what search words would they use? Write down a few different options and try to utilize them within your summary to ensure your audience can find you easily.


3. Share your experience

Filling in your work experience is important too. You need to make sure you have up to date information in your profile. Many people fill this in, and then don’t update it for a significant amount of time. When you’re updating this section, be sure to update your job descriptions as well. Many people leave these sections blank but they are a great spot to showcase the skills you picked up in that specific position that are relevant and beneficial to what you do today.


4. Give back – recruiters are looking here

Highlighting your volunteer experience is one of the best parts of your LinkedIn profile. What you’re passionate about personally can sometimes slip through the cracks professionally but gives people a chance to see you for who you are. On top of that, some of your volunteer experience may give you some beneficial skills that you can utilize professionally to assist your network.


5. Showcase your skills

Showcasing your skills on LinkedIn is another added benefit. Be sure to update your skills list to include anything you have experience in that is missing, and new skills you’ve obtained. Also, reorder your skills to place the most relevant ones at the top so if your connections head to your profile to endorse you for skills, those are the first ones they see!


Filling your profile out in its entirety is an important first step before starting to market yourself on LinkedIn. Since networking is about creating connections, you need to let your audience know details about you and your experience. Always aim for an All Star level profile and be thorough.


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Written by: Alyssa Burgoyne, Business Operations Mentor at In a Breeze Marketing

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