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Do You Really Need a Social Media Manager?

Posted on 28-10-2016 , by: Alyssa Burgoyne , in , , , 0 Comments

As a business owner, social media is essential as the world changes and traditional business directories become extinct. If you are currently using social media or thinking about getting started one question you may be pondering is: Do I really need a social media manager? Here at In a Breeze Marketing we provide businesses, individuals, and organizations with social media management – and we want to share the inside information with you!

Here are our top 5 benefits to hiring a social media manager:

  1. Time: Managing one social media account when you are new to the social media world can be a time consuming, and technical task. When you add in 2 or 3 accounts, expect to spend hours curating content, answering inquires, and managing online engagement. As a business owner, finding extra hours in your already busy schedule is highly unlikely.
  2. Branding: Branding tells the world what you do and social media is one of the first places consumers go to research your small business. Developing a relationship with your audience, targeting potential customers, and encouraging interaction are just the starting tasks to increasing your online presence. Hiring an experienced social media manager will save you time and money, while ensuring your company’s brand is consistent and recognized online.
  3. Marketing plan: Do you have a marketing plan in place? The creation of a marketing plan can be a very tedious and challenging, especially if you have never done one. Strategy development is a process experienced social media managers have already mastered – save yourself the time it would take to learn it. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced marketer to develop an online strategy for your business.
  4. Objectivity: If you are too close to your company, you may be too close to accurately reach your audience. As well, using proper grammar and a voice that is for your customers is extremely important to representing your brand seamlessly. A social media manager is an experienced pro who will take the time to understand you, your business, and your vision, and use it to create the perfect voice for your social networks.
  5. Trends: Social media trends change regularly. New platforms are always emerging, and current ones are always changing. Social media managers attend conferences, workshops, and stay on top of the newest trends in social media. Staying current is a large part of their job, which takes the stress off of you trying to study up!

Social media doesn’t have to be avoided. Learn how a social media manager can help you grow your business with a FREE quote from In a Breeze Marketing.

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