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5 LinkedIn Profile Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation

Posted on 24-10-2016 , by: Dani Kuntz , in , 0 Comments

If you’re reading this, you have made the decision that, as a professional, a LinkedIn profile is essential. What some users do not realize is that a poor LinkedIn profile may actually be worse than no profile at all. Marketers, prospective employers and other networkers seek out LinkedIn users to connect for a reason. You don’t want to alarm prospects with a 15-year-old-photo of you in front of a Christmas tree and no summary of your expertise. You’re better than that! I have formulated 5 quick tips to help you get noticed:

1. Complete Your Entire Profile

LinkedIn offers this super awesome feature that shows you how strong your profile is, and you want to strive for Expert, or All-Star level. This is simply achieved by ensuring you have thoroughly completed your profile from top to bottom.

2. Select the Right Profile Photo

I can’t tell you how many photos I have used LinkedIn in the past 5 years. As my career evolves, so does my photo! If you are strategically using your LinkedIn profile for career development, I STRONGLY recommend a high quality image. This means no selfies, and NO pixelated photos.

3. Write a Strong Summary

If you aren’t a strong writer, hire a content writer to summarize your resume. Your summary is the first piece that visitors will review. This section should effortlessly capture who you are, why you’re great and what experiences you bring.

4. Capitalize on Your Skills

List as many skills as possible. After all, you are a super hero with lots to offer. Endorsing your connections encourages others to endorse you for  the skills listed on your profile. Endorsements improve your visibility and searchability on LinkedIn.

5. LinkedIn Groups and Influencers

You can simply improve your profile views by up to 1-2% by following one LinkedIn Group or Influencer. Keep in mind the relevance of the groups you’re following to your industry/job title.

A good rule of thumb is to review your profile each month, make updates and improvements. It’s a simple and easy tactic to showcase the professional you! I always find important information, skills and certifications to add when it comes review time. To maximize improvements, have someone else review your profile, such as a colleague or social media professional. Other professionals tend to make more clear, critical observations that you may have never noticed!

 LinkedIn is the #1 social selling platform for B2B companies. Are you positioned to best represent yourself and your organization?

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